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AlsoEnergy Customer Profile: Successful Portfolio Migration to PowerTrack

To consolidate processes and reduce costs, Soltage, an experienced independent renewable power producer specializing in PV asset management with a 250+ MW portfolio across 80+ sites, partnered with AlsoEnergy to aggregate assets within the PowerTrack Platform.

With a standardized data migration process, a flexible backbone architecture and expert support, AlsoEnergy quickly and easily moved 12 sites with a combined 30.1MW of production. “We were pleased that the migration process included site validations, giving us a current snapshot of hardware and network health at each location,” said Raja Soi, Vice President of Asset Management at Soltage.

In addition, AlsoEnergy provided a seamless API integration with Soltage’s preferred asset management software platform. This allows for automated fleet data aggregation, further streamlining workflow. “PowerTrack provides us with a clean look complete with intuitive navigation across our projects,” Soi said. “In addition, PowerTrack helps make it easier for us to manage our portfolio as we continue to develop, finance and operate utility-scale solar and solar-plus-storage project portfolios across the US."

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