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Asset Aggregation Cuts Through Data Management Complexities

Entering 2019, global renewable energy markets appear poised for growth, with expected year-over-year increases in the deployment of solar, wind and energy storage capacity. This continual growth challenges companies to efficiently manage larger project portfolios. This can be easier said than done. Expanding project portfolios affect different companies in different ways. Some extend into new geographic territories, working with new business partners and encountering new compliance procedures. Others introduce new types of equipment to their portfolios, or source equipment and manage warranties from new suppliers.

To manage increasing and diversifying portfolios, industry professionals have grown to rely on an increasing variety of specialty software with each program tailored to a unique segment of the market or a specific role within the distributed energy value chain. Asset managers have ended up using one set of tools while maintenance technicians use another, and people who serve international markets have had to use multiple data acquisition platforms because none were large enough to support the entire organization.

All this complexity reduces efficiency. Companies spend valuable time gathering data from one software platform to the next, managing fleet-level data in ways that may or may not be consistent with project and device metrics, and separately validating results. The need to procure a variety of software platforms increases cost without adding value. So does the need to train staff on how to operate different programs. Market growth has also led to a consolidation among software providers, creating the opportunity for a single platform to deliver a comprehensive solution backed by a global support organization.

AlsoEnergy’s approach, eliminates all the complexity that has crept into the industry over the years. Our combination of best-in-class tools and industry knowledge introduce process improvements to so many aspects of operations and asset management. Workloads are reduced by eliminating the need to gather and organize data from a wide variety of sources. Time is saved by streamlining workflow, automating processes, and improving record keeping and accountability. Clients using third-party software for CMMS ticketing - such as Fiix, Salesforce, and Maximo- can also take advantage of direct integration for complete fleet data.
AlsoEnergy’s Portfolio Aggregation delivers the most practical and cost-effective solution for each system, including remote software integrations that eliminate the need to install new hardware on site. Our Aggregation Services are managed by a dedicated team of specialists, helping you mitigate project risk with attention to sensitive aspects of the project including user permissions and data security throughout the chain. Automated tools for data transfer to PowerTrack contribute to our expedited process.

As renewable energy markets grow, the first companies to maximize profitability will be in the strongest position to continue expanding their portfolios in the years ahead.

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