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Confused About Rule 21? Watch our Smart Grid Webinar with Chint Power Systems

AlsoEnergy is preparing to help our clients meet the demands of the coming smart grid energy marketplace with new offerings for solar-plus-storage systems, and with an aggregator solution to satisfy California Rule 21 communications requirements. As a DER aggregator for systems covered under Rule 21, we have the opportunity to work with multiple inverter manufacturers to provide our mutual customers with a fully compliant solution. AlsoEnergy recently joined one of our partners from the inverter industry, Chint Power Systems, to produce a webinar answering common Rule 21 questions from our clients. The webinar covers the current guidelines and the state of discussions driving policy decisions. We also consider Rule 21 regulations within the larger context of policy changes and new technology driving evolution in the energy industry.

Are you confused by California's latest Rule 21 regulations? Are you concerned about compliance with Phase 2 requirements in 2020? AlsoEnergy and Chint Power Systems have you covered. Our webinar reviews the key requirements of the Communications Protocols and Advanced Functions defined in Rule 21 Phase 2 & 3, distilling that information into actionable plans for solar developers, contractors and engineers. This includes a clarification of Phase 2 obligations and deadlines, a forecast for smart grid requirements in other US markets, and a status update for efforts at AlsoEnergy and CPS to develop a Rule 21-compliant solution for our clients.

The webinar features Mesa Scharf, Director of Global Solutions at AlsoEnergy, and John Drummond, Applications Engineer at Chint Power Systems. The webinar was originally hosted by Solar Power World on October 9, 2019. AlsoEnergy has posted the webinar in the Resources section of our website; you can follow this link to view the webinar any time: