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Decades of Proven Results with Utility-Scale PV

With the combined experience and expertise of Locus Energy, skytron, AlsoEnergy and Draker, our collective IP allows us to provide one of the industry’s most field tested and proven approaches to utility-scale project onboarding and deployment.

We have successfully deployed systems covering a myriad of complex use cases with active and reactive power control, support for grid services, automation, predicted power forecasts, and more, enabling our clients to meet challenging interconnection requirements. We provide expert professional services as well, including project management, engineering reviews, and complete documentation. Our proven approach to utility-scale projects helps our customers successfully address risk and deliver their projects on time, in budget, and at performance spec across some of the most sophisticated projects in the world, including microgrids and storage integration.

In addition to engineering and configuration for SCADA systems, our expertise with data acquisition at power plants enables our clients to build standardized data platforms for operations and asset management across their entire portfolios, helping them meet code requirements and design imperatives for diverse utility-scale projects in every major global market. With over 30 GW of power in operation, representing over $60 billion in assets under management across more than 200,000 sites worldwide, AlsoEnergy is your trusted expert partner for Utility Scale projects.

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