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Featured Project: AlsoEnergy Aggregates Namasté Solar Portfolio to PowerTrack

Until recently, Namasté Solar was using seven data acquisition platforms to manage 35 solar projects in its O&M portfolio. Staff needed to know how to operate each software program for performance monitoring and reporting. For support, the Namasté team would have to contact a variety of customer service teams. Industry consolidation promised a measure of relief. AlsoEnergy, one solution provider for Namasté, acquired three other platforms Namasté has been using: DECK Monitoring, Draker and Locus Energy. Instead of settling for a marginal improvement, Namasté decided to maximize efficiency by standardizing on AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack platform.

For each project in the Namasté O&M portfolio, AlsoEnergy assessed system specifications, including performance monitoring devices and software, and executed on our established system for data migration and ongoing data acquisition. Using AlsoEnergy’s extensive knowledge of third-party solutions, we controlled migration costs at some sites by retaining hardware and redirecting data to AlsoEnergy servers, performing the entire migration remotely whenever possible. AlsoEnergy enabled Namaste to aggregate data from the third party DAS solutions into PowerTrack, enabling Namasté’s O&M organization to achieve greater efficiency and consistency in reporting. By fast-tracking many of the sites in the Namasté portfolio, we completed the aggregation in five months. This includes time for quality assurance, data validation & documentation, and providing an updated bill of health for all migrated assets. It also includes time for onboarding new PowerTrack users.

Namasté, a full-service provider of design, installation, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and utility scale solar projects, is the first company to standardize its entire O&M fleet on the complete, fully integrated PowerTrack platform. It is using PowerTrack’s Power CMMS and Power Asset Management Modules for operations and maintenance of systems ranging from 1.7 megawatts down to 10 kilowatts. “Namasté Solar needed the most comprehensive solution to cover current and future needs for our diverse fleet. AlsoEnergy delivered,” said Joey Staron, Performance Analyst at Namasté.

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