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Futureproof Legacy Residential Assets with 4G LTE Meter Swaps from AlsoEnergy

As 3G technology is being sunset by US mobile network carriers, residential PV assets relying on 3G meters for network communications will need to replace those meters with 4G devices in order to avoid disruptions in customer billing and SREC credit collection. For deployments using Form 2S socket power meters, AlsoEnergy offers a meter swap solution with 4G LTE connectivity. Our solution is the only market option that can aggregate data from various inverter manufacturers into a single fleet view, allowing users to standardize reports, operations, and alarm management across large and diverse fleets.

The AlsoEnergy Residential Solution utilizes the robust SmartMeter Cat M1:

  • Single-phase Form 2S electronic watt-hour meter
  • Reliable 4G LTE communications
  • LCD display
  • Encased in a NEMA 3R-rated housing
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Plug-and-play activation
  • Over the air firmware updates

AlsoEnergy software for residential fleet management is the most feature rich platform in the market. The LocusNOC software interface gives asset managers and O&M providers the ability to optimize asset management and O&M activities with automated tasks and streamlined workflows, helping you meet rapidly evolving demands related to maintenance and repairs, regulatory compliance, contract management, vendor oversight, and warranty management. You can reduce labor demand while improving your ability to quickly identify and effectively address the few critical activities that have the highest impact on performance guarantees and your bottom line.

  • KPI dashboard displays
  • Performance alarms
  • Customizable report generation
  • Analytics determine performance guarantee risks on a per-site basis
  • Diagnostics identify root causes for underperformance by site, along with suggested remedies
  • Virtual Irradiance (VI) Waterfall feature enables users to track and quantify losses due to soiling, shading, degradation, snow cover
  • Backed by best-in-class support, training, and professional services covering the project lifecycle

Our scalable solution for residential fleets can provide effective oversight for thousands of assets; you can structure your fleet with groupings by fund, region, installer, performance, and other variables so that you can efficiently manage multiple portfolios. Flexible and fully scalable, our solutions can be integrated with third party software such as ERP and CMMS programs, creating a single efficient software ecosystem to synchronize efforts from field work to operations centers to the central office.

For aggregators wishing to extend access to the AlsoEnergy software platform for their entire fleet of residential PV assets, we offer an extensible API architecture to aggregate data from new and legacy monitoring systems, third party hardware, and OEM data feeds. For systems that do not rely on 3G meters, this generally avoids the need to install new hardware onsite.

Read on for a case study detailing AlsoEnergy 4G meter swaps for residential PV specialists Sun System Technologies.