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Improve Operational Performance and Efficiency with the 3Rs

We are all focused on improving efficiency. The opportunity to streamline how we get the right information to the right person at the right time – the 3 R’s – is the key towards unlocking the next level of operational excellence. Enhancing the speed and effectiveness of our teams allows us to transition from reactive to proactive and drive continuous improvements, ensure the profitability of our projects, and scale our operations and portfolios successfully.

The innovators in this space understand that no workflow exists in isolation. Starting with a broad base of user types and personas, each having a different set of focuses, roles and responsibilities, things become even more complex as we extend out across the multiple organizations in our enterprise and even further when we establish collaborative operations and workflows across our partner, channel and customer ecosystems.

Actionable, intelligent alarms filter out the “noise” and prioritize the issues that have the highest impact to performance, profitability and customer satisfaction. They drive significant improvements in speed and efficiency, providing visibility and decision support around assignments, requests for decisions, and escalations to on-site work and provide clear visibility to impact, resolution paths and next steps.

Intelligent alarms can also help filter out false positives, data gaps, and unavoidable losses, and can provide front line decision support with analytics and diagnostics. They analyze historical alarm data to reveal trending issues, hardware degradation, and above all cost/benefit analysis of previous events and resolutions. An intelligent alarm system should provide full accounting for costs related to parts, labor, travel, and lost revenues and systematic archiving of historical alarm data.

When action is required, operators must have a clear workflow to advance the process. Intelligent alarms should support quick information sharing complete with a fully defined structure to support and promote decision making and alarm state transitions, avoiding unnecessary delays and flagging stalled processes. Further, they should tightly monitor progress throughout the entire workflow lifecycle across each stakeholder in the workflow chain with clear escalation processes and exceptions thresholds.

Intelligent alarms give your teams the ability to quickly identify and resolve the issues that have the highest impact to your performance and profitability. They improve the speed and efficiency of your operations with actionable resolution paths, tailor fit to your workgroups, empowering you to drive continuous improvement across your operations. Learn more about PowerTrack’s intelligent alarm capabilities….