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Solution Highlight: PowerTrack Report Wizard for Self-Generated Reports

AlsoEnergy recently introduced a user-friendly interface for generating production reports within the PowerTrack platform. With the new Report Wizard, follow an intuitive user guide to create reports on demand or on an automated schedule. Display common variables, such as energy production at the portfolio level, the project level, and the device level, and measure actual results alongside modeled performance.

The process has five steps.

  1. Select data sources (a single site, multiple sites, or a fleet)
  2. Select devices (such as meters and inverters)
  3. Decide whether to display all data points or summary data
  4. Select date range
  5. Select time intervals (such as 15 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly)

After reviewing selections, users have the option to save report configurations and run reports. PowerTrack provides notification when reports are complete and ready for delivery via email or download.

Streamlined reporting provides an immediate opportunity to improve workflow, saving time on compliance and routine back office tasks, like the preparation of operational spreadsheets and customer invoices.

Having set the foundation for streamlined reporting, AlsoEnergy can add functionality based on PowerTrack user needs. Soon, for example, we will incorporate operations data from the Power CMMS Module.

The Report Wizard is available in the Report Section for any site, alongside Report Templates, Advanced Reports, and Agency Reports. Go to the Reports Section and click the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the window to add a new report.

Advanced reporting functionality continues to be accessible, both as a professional service and for PowerTrack power users to create customized reports. Advanced reporting gives users access to some data points not currently available in the Wizard, such as alert data, which displays alert types, alert status, and the date, times, and duration of alerts.

AlsoEnergy backs the full breadth of the PowerTrack platform with training resources to make sure customers maximize the value of our software. Whether you are a longtime AlsoEnergy customer or a user of the Deck, Draker, skytron, or Locus Energy systems, please get to know our knowledgeable support team. Call us. Schedule an onsite appointment. Or send a message via the AlsoEnergy website. To request a guided tour of the Report Wizard from a member of the AlsoEnergy support team, please book a 30-minute or 1-hour appointment here.

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