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The Application to Efficiently Manage your Clean Energy Fleet

Reduce costs. Save time. Increase uptime.

PowerTrack: The Industry-Leading Application for O&M Optimization

As part of a control center or independent service provider (ISP), you are the eyes and ears of asset performance, and ultimately responsible for day-to-day operations. With contractual KPIs such as availability to meet, maximizing uptime is crucial. However, this needs to be balanced with your business efficiency and bottom line. This can be challenging with numerous assets under your management. Your time is too valuable to spend lost in screens and chasing down problems, and truck rolls are too expensive to not fix a problem on the first site visit. You need to minimize the time it takes to detect, prioritize, and solve operational issues.

That’s why PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s application for monitoring, control, and management of clean energy assets, can help you rapidly identify critical hardware faults with prioritized event management. For more than a decade, PowerTrack has been proven to boost O&M efficiency and increase uptime. Our industry-leading, application with an intuitive user interface lets you tailor your O&M management across multiple sites and enables cross-functional collaboration with multiple departments or companies. You get the data and control you require to effectively troubleshoot problematic equipment and ensure grid compliance.

Leading Control Centers and ISPs Use PowerTrack

Considering PowerTrack for your fleet?

Learn how our leading monitoring and control application can create O&M efficiencies within your organization by enabling insightful decisions to improve your fleet’s performance. While designed as part of our edge-to-cloud platform, PowerTrack also supports third-party data ingest for hardware-agnostic extensibility so you can manage all assets in your fleet on one application.

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Streamline your O&M Services

PowerTrack’s vertical integration with AlsoEnergy’s platform ensures compatibility from the edge to the cloud, while providing one point of accountability. This seamless design allows users to benefit from efficient O&M to improve uptime, optimize system performance, and increase profits.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved workflows and increased system uptime with prioritized alerts and CMMS integration
  • Simplified record keeping for contractual KPIs with alert acknowledgement and tracking, plus documentation of force majeure
  • Embedded power plant controls, point of interconnect data, and grid support
  • Increased time efficiency with optimized signal-to-noise ratio
  • Quick operational decision making with informative real-time equipment status using the Ignition platform

With these benefits, control centers quickly see improved ROI within only a few truck rolls by using PowerTrack.

Essential Insights for Every ISP and Control Center

With an intuitive user interface and data visualization, PowerTrack is easy to navigate to enable all your O&M workflow and optimization needs. PowerTrack’s robust feature set includes:

  • Rapid identification of critical hardware faults via near real-time data
  • Event tracking for management of a failure from start to finish
  • Remote troubleshooting and control capabilities
  • Meaningful alerts before handoff from EPC to O&M
  • CMMS (work order) integration for seamless flow between alert and maintenance dispatch
  • Reports on availability and recurring issues
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Compatibility with energy storage systems for a comprehensive view of entire clean energy fleet
  • Integrated edge SCADA and cloud offering for a complete end-to-end dataset
  • Additional users at no extra charge
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Alert Prioritization

Customize how and when you receive alerts and prioritize by severity, system size, and other metrics to quickly address issues causing the most downtime. View a timeline of events to understand trends. See inverter fault codes and understand their significance without referencing the inverter manual.

Deep Dive into Each Device

Identify and sort all site devices (inverters, meters, weather stations, PPCs, etc.) to easily check status and quickly pinpoint faults.

Quickly Configure and Analyze Hardware

This extremely powerful tool runs health checks on all site hardware to automatically detect and fix issues, such as invalid alerts, configuration conflicts, driver issues, and more. Additionally, this tool provides an automatic reminder to clean panels after reaching a threshold of soiling loss without forecasted rain.

Built-in and Customized Charting

Interactive, built-in charting enables performance deviation analysis and troubleshooting. Customize hardware registers and aggregation methods. Examine your building load trends alongside your battery state of charge and point of interconnect activity on solar-plus-storage sites.

Seamless Onboarding with Support Services

Are you onboarding a new asset with PowerTrack?

Our dedicated support team, combined with extensive on-demand and live training, helps accelerate the onboarding of pre-existing assets into your fleet so you can quickly start benefitting from all PowerTrack has to offer.

In addition, PowerTrack provides direct access to crucial documentation such as:

  • Hardware enclosure information
  • Technical documentation
  • Single line diagrams
  • Warranty information

For effective ongoing asset management, our dedicated team is here to provide support during asset onboarding and throughout the asset lifetime. Take advantage of our professional support services:

As part of your onboarding, you receive access to our KnowledgeBase, which provides free training and tailored support with live one-on-one sessions and a deep library of on-demand, pre-recorded videos.

Inverter Heatmaps
Operations & Managing Active Alerts
Quickly Configure and Analyze Hardware