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AlsoEnergy ranked #1 Solar and Storage Monitoring and Control Vendor

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AlsoEnergy, a Stem company, Named Top Solar and Storage Monitoring and Control Vendor by Guidehouse Insights

As solar and storage deployments continue to increase globally, asset owners and stakeholders are demanding more flexibility and efficiency from their systems. In this 3Q22 Leaderboard report, Guidehouse Insights assesses the strategy and execution of solar and storage monitoring and control (M&C) vendors in the industry across a competitive and continually innovating landscape.

AlsoEnergy’s edge-to-cloud platform, led by its flagship application PowerTrack, and professional services were recognized by Guidehouse as key differentiators over other vendors for supporting the entire energy stakeholder value chain. As part of the report, Guidehouse Insights highlighted that advanced M&C technologies and services increase efficiency, lower emissions across hybrid clean energy systems, and bring more flexibility and resilience to clean power generation.

Among the top 20 solar and storage M&C vendors profiled, AlsoEnergy was also previously ranked number #1 in the 2Q 2020 Solar PV Monitoring and Control Vendors Leaderboard.

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