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Successful 4G Meter Swaps Across SunSystem Technology’s Project Portfolio

SunSystem Technology (SST) is the nation's largest independent residential service provider and one of the industry's leading commercial O&M providers. They have resolved over 112,000 service issues for over 13GW of solar PV generation assets including repairs, meter swaps, inverter replacements, under-performance assessments, and more.

In the first half of 2020, SST partnered with AlsoEnergy to retrofit meters across a project portfolio of 2,200 homes in California. To avoid disruptions in customer billing, SST had to replace legacy meters using 3G network communications by the sunset deadline and partnered with AlsoEnergy to provide the Cat M1 meters with 4G LTE network connectivity.

The 2,200 homes receiving these meter swaps are part of a total fleet of approximately 40,000 sites SST currently monitors using AlsoEnergy solutions. AlsoEnergy’s LocusNOC provides SST with a clear understanding of the factors influencing performance across the fleet through insightful performance analysis and diagnostics, including VI Waterfalls to track losses related to soiling, snow cover, and degradation. With AlsoEnergy, SST has a single platform solution for their diverse national fleet that aggregates data from a large variety of meter and inverter combination while allowing users to sort assets by fund, owner, and region. This gives SST the ability to optimize maintenance schedules and service routes, and to standardize administrative tasks such as managing warranties and generating stakeholder reports.

“SunSystem Technology recognizes the need for proactive maintenance to avoid service disruptions for our clients” says Jeff Hammer, VP of Residential Services at SST. “In this case AlsoEnergy was able to quickly deliver a cost-effective meter swap solution with 4G network service. The AlsoEnergy software solution helps SST deliver the highest degree of performance and customer satisfaction.”