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Stop Searching for a Needle in the Haystack

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As a performance engineer for a clean energy portfolio, you are tasked with a nearly impossible mission – analyzing and optimizing the performance of each and every asset under your management. Using nuanced approaches for data synthesis, you are responsible for identifying strategic energy losses that no one else can detect. And if that was not difficult enough, often you may not know exactly what you are looking for when analyzing mountains of data. That’s where PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s flagship application for clean energy portfolio management and optimization, comes in.

With customized and templated reporting and charting, PowerTrack provides simple identification of trends to help you efficiently maximize uptime and financial performance of the entire portfolio.

Your Analysis is Only as Good as Your Data

We know that data integrity is the foundation of any work that you do as a performance engineer. That’s why our focus is providing you with clean, quality data and clear data visualization. Coupled with robust reporting and analytics tools, PowerTrack does the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on the root cause analysis of underperformance.

In addition to our deep history of data and advanced analytics, AlsoEnergy ensures the highest-quality data thanks to our edge-to-cloud platform. With PowerTrack at the core of our integrated platform, all edge solutions are designed for compatibility, while PowerTrack also offers flexibility for 3rd-party hardware. When PowerTrack is deployed with AlsoEnergy’s market-leading monitoring and controls edge solutions, customers benefit from a single point of accountability throughout the lifetime of the asset.

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Critical Insights for Assessing Asset Health

With an intuitive user interface, PowerTrack provides macro to micro resolution views of the portfolio, fleet, and assets so that you can get an at-a-glance view or dive down into an individual piece of hardware.

While high signal-to-noise ratios and remote troubleshooting enable O&M providers to rapidly identify critical hardware faults, PowerTrack offers premium features for performance engineers to meet the more challenging tasks of identifying long-term performance losses and trends. Key PowerTrack features include:

  • Site dashboard overview, with device and failure analysis testing
  • Automated prioritization of lowest performing assets
  • Templated and customized reporting and charting to identify performance deviation and underperformance sources
  • Tools to quickly perform root cause analysis of losses, such as energy loss waterfalls
  • Simple and personalized data export for additional data cleaning, filtering, and analysis
  • Individual hardware drilldown, such as inverter performance, ranking, and heatmaps
  • Multiple models for calculating expected energy (i.e., original, 8760, as built) and for benchmarking

When you standardize on PowerTrack for performance engineering, you get a simplified work process with a single source for all performance data of all assets under your management.

Essential Features for Performance Engineers

A robust REST API, plus self-serve interactive swagger documentation, for flexible integration with preferred 3rd-party software for more in-depth analysis with self-created models and internal data flows

On-demand and automated reporting, such as site production and losses and inverter variance to identify underperformance causes, plus customized development of reports

Interactive, built-in charting, such as tracker angle and RMS error, actual versus modeled production, and more to analyze performance deviations. While customized charting enables selection of specific hardware registers and aggregation methods.

More than an Application

When you use PowerTrack, you gain more than just an application. You are also getting a partner. AlsoEnergy is committed to your success throughout the lifetime of your assets. Our dedicated team of engineers and support staff offers a variety of services:

  • PowerTrack configuration
  • Online and phone support with 24-hour turnaround times
  • Live and prerecorded training videos
  • Technical articles

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