Stem, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire AlsoEnergy

Together, Stem and AlsoEnergy will bring together solar and battery storage software to create a leading clean energy intelligence platform. Vist our News section.
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The most complete best-in-class solutions for your entire renewable energy portfolio

Improve profitability, reduce cost and increase efficiency with unparalleled innovation, experience and expertise
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The operating system
for the grid of the future

The industry's most advanced, flexible and complete technology platform for residential, commercial & industrial and utility scale renewable energy portfolios
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Innovative. Flexible. Proven.

Over 30 GW
Asset 2 200,000 Sites
Asset 3 40+
The AlsoEnergy Advantage

Best-in-class technologies, unparalleled
experience and expertise

Improve efficiency
  • Aggregate and optimize project data
  • Quickly prioritize and advance critical, high-impact activities
  • Coordinate resources across multiple organizations with a single, actionable version of the truth
Reduce costs
  • Manage by exception to quickly identify root causes
  • Resolve issues before they start costing you money
  • Automate and streamline repetitive tasks
Increase performance
  • Get the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Quickly diagnose issues and restore optimal performance
Solutions for every type of customer

Delivering value throughout the entire project lifecycle

Easily capture all project data for actionable results across multiple systems down to the hardware level with best-in-class diagnostics and analytics

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The Powertrack Platform

One system manages it all, seamlessly

Capture and curate data across all your projects to establish a shared single version of the truth on a flexible, collaborative platform. Quiet the noise and focus your resources on effectively managing the highest-value activities.

AlsoEnergy Platform Devices
The Hub for Business Processes

Transform workflow through a tight integration of project data. Manage communications and contract compliance across all your systems, including fully integrated mobile applications.

Data Curation

Improve data quality and reliability using AlsoEnergy’s proprietary data curation solution.

Portfolio Aggregation

Gain a powerful, fleet-level view of all project data. Improve efficiency and unlock additional value through recognition of patterns and trends.

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