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Addressing Risk Factors Early Improves Utility-Scale Project ROI

Data management is a critical and often overlooked element in managing project risk for utility scale PV. High quality data in the final stages of project delivery is vital to timely resolution of the complex issues that often surface during site acceptance testing. Proper configuration for data acquisition and performance analysis may seem like a small concern in the big picture of a 50MW project, yet missing, inaccurate, or improperly configured data often leads to costly delays for an already strained EPC closeout schedule. When data is properly configured and available early in the process, it can be a tremendously helpful resource for early identification and resolution of issues that drive costly schedule slip.

For large projects, the amount of data can seem overwhelming. Full system testing may involve thousands of data points from hundreds of distinct device nodes, all shared across varied hardware systems and technologies. Capacity testing, performance guarantees, and successful long-term operations hinge upon the accuracy and organization of system data and network architecture on site.

Control systems must have close alignment with data systems. Increasingly complex interconnection requirements call for a sophisticated power plant controller, not only to achieve compliance but also to optimize energy harvest for the asset owner. These interdependent requirements again lead to a need for good quality data early in the utility scale project deployment process.

Proper operational insights from the power plant controller are critical during testing and commissioning, but also to continually achieve compliance and peak performance over the project lifecycle. This means data systems (SCADA and cloud-based monitoring) need to interoperate seamlessly and be in full alignment relative to tag interface and Modbus mapping. Smart analytics can be leveraged to give asset owners the ability to understand loss drivers and help them fine tune system operation earlier in the deployment process, leading to better project returns.

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