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Best Practices for Utility-Scale Project Delivery

As the global leader in solutions to control, monitor, and manage PV assets, AlsoEnergy helps alleviate risk related to delivery and closeout for utility scale projects. Each project benefits from the collective IP of our global organization, including over 300 human-years of combined experience within our Engineering Department. Our approach integrates advanced control system technology with well-defined processes from project onboarding through delivery and implementation, providing early access to critical data, driving on-time delivery and optimizing project returns.

As specialists in data acquisition, we emphasize early engagement across the engineering, design, and implementation stages. We leverage model-driven control and classical control system design methodologies to enable early identification and resolution of issues that might otherwise be experienced during project commissioning where delays are the costliest. Changes to plant configurations are more expensive and time-consuming on site. We typically complete the majority of design and design verification work before hardware is shipped to the field, allowing us to evaluate and optimize energy harvest in the lab before potentially experiencing low yields in the field.

Utility-scale SCADA system deployments utilize specialized staff and processes at AlsoEnergy. The first step is a technical consultation to delineate the requirements and scoping of the project. Once approved, a project manager within our engineering team is assigned to provide a single customer point of contact through each phase of delivery, from development of drawings and control narrative to implementation and factory acceptance testing, hardware shipment, commissioning and site acceptance testing, and finally project closeout.

Our power plant controller enables a full range of utility interconnect capabilities ranging from simple curtailment and volt/var control to automatic voltage control, ramp and power fluctuation management, along with other flexible functionality to meet regional requirements around the globe. With curtailments becoming the norm across our congested grids, ensuring optimal response to these demands can translate to significant yield improvements.

AlsoEnergy’s integrated platform enables system operators to flag loss drivers for categorization and analysis using PowerTrack software, a single enterprise-level solution complete with monitoring, asset management, and CMMS, aggregating both new and legacy assets. From daily operations to financial analysis, PowerTrack serves the full range of business activities across the entire fleet, yielding clarity and actionable insights that would not be available without the smart analytics in our solar-specific software.

Our SCADA systems offer all the benefits of expert data acquisition and configuration for PV plants, addressing an often overlooked aspect of risk management for utility-scale PV project delivery. For owners looking at the long-term picture, an end-to-end integrated plant control and data management platform drives a more complete understanding of system behavior and performance at a lower cost than working with separate providers for each piece.

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