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Enhanced Intelligent Alarm Management in PowerTrack

In the second half of this year, AlsoEnergy will launch enhanced intelligent alarm capabilities to help system operators and O&M evaluate and prioritize actionable alarms, providing a structured system for sharing information, making decisions, and advancing workflows with CMMS integration. New features are aimed at operators and O&M providers in fleets of all sizes and the NOC environment:

  • Improved powers to filter and categorize active alarms for clarity and prioritization
  • Streamlined workflows for escalation, work order creation, and event tracking
  • Enhanced CMMS interoperability
  • Automated alarm archives

Intelligent alarms from AlsoEnergy are built on a framework of proven industry standards, notably the International Society of Automation (ISA) ANSI/ISA-18.2 standard for alarm management processes as adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Together these capabilities provide an essential enhancement to traditional NOC displays.

Intelligent alarms enable users to bridge the workflow gap between insight and response, providing architecture to support every stage of the alarm management workflow. Intelligent alarms also provide improved interoperability with client CMMS applications, creating one-click paths and metadata links between alarm and job ticket processes. They are designed to augment the AlsoEnergy CMMS Solution, enhancing the value of integration between PowerTrack and client CMMS software.

Intelligent alarms provide new alarm state designations to enhance workflow clarity and isolate high value and urgent alarms, while extending abilities to track and analyze alarms through the lifecycle:

  • The new “latched” alarm state enables tracking and analysis for alarms that resolve without action from an operator
  • The new “shelved” alarm state earmarks alarms that require attention, but which may not be a priority on a given shift (shelved alarms
    can be reassigned at the end of the shift, or programmed to repopulate back to their previous alarm state after a period of time)
  • New display features sort alarms according to each alarm progress through workflow states, using an intuitive left-to-right display
  • A single click displays an isolated list of alarms at any state in the user workflow

Reduce operator workload and expedite workflow advancement with time-saving new features:

  • Support for more one-click actions including assignment, notes, escalation to on-site work, tracking impact, and analyzing data
    from an event
  • Support for bulk processing of alarms

Analyze historical alarm data for continuous improvement with automated alarm archiving:

  • Automated system for documenting and archiving alarms for future analysis and audits
  • Curated records for every alarm showing the full history of the alarm lifecycle along with relevant analytic and diagnostic information
  • Ability to sort and organize archived alarms, creating a truly useful log of information to identify repeat issues and to analyze
    historical resolutions

For more information about intelligent alarm development, contact your AlsoEnergy Account Executive, or email contactus@alsoenergy.com