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It Takes a Village to Win a Contract

There has been a dramatic rise in the length and complexity of project proposal requirements over the past five years. Management systems that have historically be used for performance management and O&M are now being used to monitor and report on safety and environmental compliance. In addition, data from these same systems may be required to demonstrate compliance with contractual obligations such as production guarantees or grid interconnection agreements.

Telemetry and control regulations are also becoming more common as markets mature and more complex as requirements like California’s Rule 21 are implemented. This can create compliance requirements extending to project management, such as directing the 7-month CAISO new resource implementation process.

RFP’s are putting more emphasis on cybersecurity, encompassing elements such as data encryption, transmission networks, and staff access at hosting facilities. Security concerns extend to the software application, where there may be requirements related to login protocols, along with secure access for contractors and portfolio managers without exposing data for the entire fleet. Proposals may demand that software applications undergo periodic penetration tests and independent reviews and may ask to see various certification credentials.

With over 30GW deployed across over 193,000 sites worldwide, AlsoEnergy brings the specialized expertise that will help you win projects. We have helped partners win bids and deliver compliant solutions for projects ranging from residential fleet deployments up to large scale solar farms around the globe, supporting complete and successful proposals and allowing our customer to avoid the additional time and expense associated with managing separate vendors for hardware and software components.

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