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Rule Tool Success for EPCs, Owners

Every AlsoEnergy project receives at least one Rule Tool site validation survey from our deployment team when site configuration services are performed. It is also a commonly used feature by the AlsoEnergy Support Team when clients contact us with issues requiring troubleshooting. The Rule Tool gives us the fastest and most effective way to get a thorough snapshot of system health. As an integral part of PowerTrack Web, all of our customers are able to utilize the tool to expedite commissioning and as a recurring element in their process for fleet oversight throughout the project lifecycle.

Full site acceptance may not happen at the time of installation and energization; it often occurs once the system has demonstrated yield attainment and successful operation per the pre-defined performance benchmarks. For developers and EPCs, the Rule Tool provides a single comprehensive report on system health that they can hand off to system owners. Along with performance analysis, Rule Tool reports demonstrate successful communications among devices, correct identification for all data points, and proper configurations of hardware, alerts, and reports. Rule Tool reports are generated In a matter of seconds and can replace hours of data curation, helping our clients get to project close-out sooner.

It is important for developers to hand off the system to owners as quickly as possible while minimizing visits to the site. The Rule tool improves the efficiency and velocity of project management processes, providing a linear roadmap to guide the commissioning process. Before it evaluates system performance and data integrity, the system performs a thorough survey of network communications and configurations. The Rule Tool has been tailor fit for the needs of developers and EPCs to test, troubleshoot, and validate the entire system in a fraction of the time it would take manually, giving you the ability to pinpoint any issues and address them efficiently and immediately,

The Rule Tool can also help operators and asset managers with ongoing fleet oversight. One of our clients operating over 2,000MW of solar power plants uses it to simplify their O&M process, leveraging the Rule Tool to generate a single report for all indicators out of range rather than receiving dozens or hundreds of individual alert notifications. They group their systems according to performance guarantees, creating different thresholds for Rule Tool alerts for each portfolio. This has helped them reduce nuisance alerts and streamline O&M activities, allowing their team to grow the fleet without adding new staff.

An analysis of alerts by a client with a large portfolio spanning over five different DAS providers showed that the percentage of actionable alerts vs. false positives produced by the AlsoEnergy system is almost double that of the competing systems, resulting in reduced management efforts for their dispatching team and helping to earn AlsoEnergy preferred status as their DAS provider.