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Short Game: Design & Deploy SCADA Solutions with an Expert Partner

In the lifecycle of AlsoEnergy Utility Solutions, the short game is the deployment period leading up to project commissioning and closeout. Although this period only represents a short part of the lifecycle, it includes some of the most critical tests for the SCADA system as clients rely on our technology for successful project commissioning and closeouts. Any failures in the SCADA system at the time of commissioning can lead to significant project delays and cost overruns, creating a big risk point for the project.

AlsoEnergy helps manage this risk with future-proof hardware systems and a large, experienced engineering team with expertise in all aspects of SCADA system deployment for solar PV.

Future-proof Hardware
At AlsoEnergy, our fully integrated hardware + software systems are built with open platform technology, using industry standard IEC 61131 programming to integrate seamlessly with the various EMS / SCADA / IT requirements associated with each project in your pipeline. And working with standard industry-leading components gives owners the confidence of knowing the core elements of the system can be independently supported and operated over the full project lifecycle.

  • The PowerTrack PPC is built on the solar industry standard SEL RTAC
  • PowerTrack SCADA is built on the industry standard Ignition SCADA Platform

On-site components for AlsoEnergy Utility Solutions are industry leaders for flexibility & extensibility as well as the trust factor.

Experience & Expertise
AlsoEnergy Utility Solutions benefit from the collected knowledge of 48 engineers, project managers, and technical sales advisors across our global offices. This team compiles over 325 human-years of professional experience designing and deploying the world’s most advanced SCADA solutions for industry-leading global companies. Our deep expertise with both software and hardware systems gives our clients a single expert resource for all aspects of SCADA system technology:

  • Plant control: Complete with a controls library and proprietary algorithms reflecting the aggregate experience and IP of
    decades of global SCADA deployments
  • Data acquisition & aggregation: From day one you get full visibility to all plant data on an integrated web interface to quickly
    identify and correct any issues with network communications, data validation, and capacity testing as you prepare for project
  • Local HMI: Complete on-site control solutions feature PowerTrack SCADA; our intuitive, solar-specialized application and
    user interface
  • Telemetry: with industry standard hardware and communications networks we design and support ourselves, AlsoEnergy
    Utility Solutions satisfy telemetry requirements in all major global markets today

Field Tested & Proven
Our plant control solutions are being used around the globe today, and our plant controllers are successfully operating in some of the most challenging high-penetration markets around the globe, including Hawaii, California, Germany, and Japan.

With the backing of AlsoEnergy knowledge and experience, you can confidently commit to all types of SCADA system deployments, whether the spec calls for a full end-to-end solution, or a targeted solution to integrate with existing client systems. AlsoEnergy can help you say yes to all types of SCADA projects:

  • Turnkey end-to-end SCADA systems including remote operations platform
  • Plant controller, local HMI, & BOS network integrated with owner SCADA/EMS infrastructure
  • BOS network deployment & integration
  • Replacement for existing SCADA

Our utility scale projects receive complete project management services with extensive customer support resources, ensuring our clients are prepared for a successful commissioning process.

For more information, or to get a project quote, contact your AlsoEnergy Account Executive, or email