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Solving the Operations Management Puzzle

Years of consolidation in the PV industry have yielded larger, more diverse portfolios for most players while adding complexity to O&M efforts. Learn how you can untangle this complexity with a unified CMMS solution for your entire portfolio.

As the solar industry matures, the growing interest in reducing costs has naturally led to a focus on optimizing O&M: automating processes, minimizing truck rolls and maximizing asset availability. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) applications are being deployed to plan, schedule, support staffing, route truck rolls, publish maintenance procedures, manage spare parts inventory and do much more.

When it comes to successfully running O&M, the varied nature of today’s portfolios presents one of the biggest challenges. Most portfolio managers have more than one monitoring platform in their fleet, asset managers may have more than one O&M provider, who in turn covers assets for multiple owners. It is therefore vital that monitoring platforms support integration across various CMMS software, giving managers maximum flexibility to accommodate multiple platforms, clients and service providers in a single trackable system.

At AlsoEnergy, we have developed a single platform encompassing monitoring, O&M, and asset management; from field work to operations center to the back office. Our integrated Power CMMS solution plays a vital role in this, enabling clients to link fleet performance analysis and alerts with work order ticketing, maintenance scheduling, parts management and cost tracking.

Power CMMS offers several distinct advantages:

  • Custom software integrations with the PowerTrack platform, giving users the ability to choose the CMMS application (or
    applications) that best fits their needs
  • Integrated solution with current CMMS to move directly from system alert to work order creation
  • For clients who are not committed to an existing CMMS, we offer a fully integrated solution with Fiix™ for seamless workflow
  • Unique built-in tools for O&M oversight, allowing you to see a true cost for performance events and downtime

No matter what solution you choose, our PowerTrack CMMS solutions empower users to move quickly from alerts to work order/ticket creation and to manage operations more efficiently and effectively.

For more information about CMMS integrations with PowerTrack, contact your AlsoEnergy Account Executive, or email