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With over 30 GW of power in operation, representing over $60 billion in assets under management across more than 200,000 sites worldwide, AlsoEnergy delivers the world’s most field tested and proven solutions to the distributed energy marketplace.

A selection of our important stories

Utility / Asset Managers Clēnera – 1.5 GW
Utility / Asset Managers

Clēnera – 1.5 GW

Clēnera is one of North America’s largest end-to-end utility-scale solar project developers, construction managers and asset managers. Clēnera recently selected PowerTrack from AlsoEnergy as the management technology platform across its asset portfolio of over 1.5GW. The turnkey solution delivers end-to-end visibility, analytics and control across its entire fleet of commercial, industrial and utility-scale projects in North America. Clēnera utilizes a private instance of AlsoEnergy’s Portfolio Aggregation Solution fully integrated with Clēnera’s third party SCADA and DAS systems. The turnkey end-to-end solution delivers enhanced security and privacy, enabling Clēnera to efficiently optimize operations and PV plant performance. The complete technology platform from AlsoEnergy provides enterprise-level benefits for Clēnera:

  • Streamline internal processes
  • Enhance service capabilities
  • Generate more value and profit to all stakeholders
Utility / Investors Goldman Sachs Renewable Power - 1 GW
Utility / Investors

Goldman Sachs Renewable Power - 1 GW

Goldman Sachs Renewable Power (GSRP) has selected the PowerTrack Platform to provide a single, comprehensive control and monitoring solution for their growing fleet of solar PV installations. To date GSRP has completed acquisitions of more than 950 megawatts (MWdc) of solar energy projects. With offices in the US, Germany, India, and Japan, AlsoEnergy offers sales and support in all global markets where GSRP is active. Standardizing on the PowerTrack Platform for SCADA, asset management, performance analysis, and O&M management will help GSRP drive down costs, improve performance, and increase profitability:

  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Streamline management of a complex portfolio
  • Close the loops between field, operations center, and office
CMMS / Investors EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions - 125 MW
CMMS / Investors

EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions - 125 MW

AlsoEnergy recently created a complete CMMS solution for EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions, featuring seamless integration between Fiix software and their PowerTrack account. The fully integrated solution gives EDF the ability to manage O&M activities in the same platform used for alerts, performance analysis, and report generation. This solution will help EDF simplify workflows and consolidate record-keeping, leading to reduced cost of operations and helping them meet growing pipeline demands without dramatically expanding the labor force. The PowerTrack CMMS solution gives the customer the ability to move directly from alerts to work order ticket creation. PowerTrack also gives the customer the ability to perform remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, while automatically creating complete records for each event along the way.

  • Full integration with the Fiix mobile application for field technicians
  • All PowerTrack CMMS solutions enable complete cost analysis for every production impact event including lost revenues due to downtime
  • Changes made in one application are immediately visible in the other, closing the loop by using one all-purpose platform to respond to production impact events
C&I / Asset Managers Borrego Solar - 109 MW
C&I / Asset Managers

Borrego Solar - 109 MW

AlsoEnergy migrated a 109 MW portfolio of distributed solar projects onto the PowerTrack Platform to standardize data on one comprehensive solution, guiding management workflows and promoting optimized performance for Borrego Solar’s O&M division. Solar assets have operated above modeled production and 99 percent uptime since the migration to PowerTrack.

  • Sophisticated performance modeling enables detection of production issues large and small
  • Automated reports save time and money
  • Standardizing on PowerTrack gives Borrego O&M a competitive advantage
Utility / Asset Managers Soltage - 30.1 MW
Utility / Asset Managers

Soltage - 30.1 MW

Soltage, an experienced independent renewable power producer specializing in PV asset management with a 250+ MW portfolio across 80+ sites, partnered with AlsoEnergy to aggregate assets within the PowerTrack Platform. With a standardized data migration process, a flexible backbone architecture and expert support, the PowerTrack Platform enables a real-time current snapshot of hardware and network health at each location complete with a streamlined user experience with intuitive navigation across all sites.

  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs through with automated fleet aggregation
  • Successful migration of 12 sites with a combined 30.1MW of production to PowerTrack
  • Seamless integration with legacy 3rd party asset management systems
This team is solving problems, bringing products to market, and working effectively every day in a commercial environment with sophisticated public, private and financial partners. Jim Harre North American Sales Director Delta Energy Systems
Customer service from AlsoEnergy is phenomenal. And I don't think they do that just because we're the #1 privately held electrical contractor in the US. Don Dixon Senior Project Manager Rosendin Electric
C&I / EPC's i1 Energy - 2.7 MW
C&I / EPC's

i1 Energy - 2.7 MW

The Engineering Team at AlsoEnergy provides a wide range of professional services that support system design, commissioning oversight, and software configurations. One example is the 2.7 MW SEPV One Ten Partners Solar project in Palmdale, California, with a 12.47kV Southern California Edison (SCE) interconnection; it was developed by Solar Electric Solutions (SES) with EPC and O&M services from i1 Energy. With help from AlsoEnergy, the project achieved its operational date goal in October 2017. i1 Energy provided turnkey EPC services for the SEPV One Ten Partners Solar Project, along with ongoing O&M. “Working with the engineering team at AlsoEnergy, we were able to deliver a system that satisfied all CAISO/SCE requirements and met all project deadlines,” said Bobby Batista, Co-Founder and CTO at i1 Energy. “i1 Energy expertise with large-scale PV enables us to deliver streamlined project execution. AlsoEnergy has the experience to work well with our team and our timelines on utility-scale projects.”

  • AlsoEnergy Engineering configured a closed-loop curtailment power plant controller solution with active power and power factor limiting, as well as inverter stop/start, and breaker open/close controls.
  • AlsoEnergy managed the CAISO testing process, meeting client deadlines, and provided on-site supervision for system commissioning.
  • AlsoEnergy was able to source and integrate a wide array of third-party devices, including fog and DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance) sensor
C&I / Operators CalCom Solar - 124.79 MW
C&I / Operators

CalCom Solar - 124.79 MW

Seeking higher performance and lower O&M costs, CalCom Energy partnered with AlsoEnergy’s expert developer team to create custom dashboards and applications on the PowerTrack Platform for remote solar system operations. The customizable platform enables CalCom to deliver a higher quality of service at a competitive price point.

  • Granular view of generating facilities
  • Remote resets of string inverters
  • Greater system reliability, fewer truck rolls
C&I / Asset Managers Ahana Renewables - 45 MW
C&I / Asset Managers

Ahana Renewables - 45 MW

AlsoEnergy migrated a 45 MW solar portfolio with 59 systems onto the PowerTrack Platform, delivering an all-in-one solution for accounting, agency reporting, performance guarantees, and internal reports, tasks that had been scattered across a variety of software programs. An audit of data collection and accounting activities by Ahana showed annual savings of 1,000 work-hours using PowerTrack.

  • Higher data quality
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced O&M costs
C&I / Operators Constellation - 2.43 MW
C&I / Operators

Constellation - 2.43 MW

For Constellation, an energy supplier with about 2 million residential, public sector, and business customers, AlsoEnergy engineered a SCADA solution to ensure zero export to the grid at a solar carport project. Under variable load conditions, the SCADA solution automates curtailment controls to keep power contained on site.

  • SCADA solution uses Also Energy site controller
  • Control commands every 2 seconds adjust production based on real-time demand
  • Algorithm automatically recalibrates maximum set points for project’s 79 inverters
AlsoEnergy continues to demonstrate leadership in the U.S. C&I market for PV monitoring software, earning the number one ranking among independent software vendors for the fourth year running Cedric Brehaut Founder SoliChamba Consulting
Utility / Developers Altus Power America - 6.2 MW
Utility / Developers

Altus Power America - 6.2 MW

For the 6.2 MW Aloha Solar Project on the west side of O’ahu, AlsoEnergy delivered sophisticated grid-support functionality with remote supervisory communications. High-speed voltage, curtailment and ramp-rate control supported site acceptance by Hawaiian Electric Co., clearing the way for Aloha Solar to generate more than 10 million kWh per year to the island grid.

  • High-speed (approx. 2-second) closed loop controls
  • Integrates with Schweitzer RTAC based Power Plant Controller
  • Supports DNP3 communications interface
PowerTrack reporting tools are supporting our effort to become more efficient in our portfolio management, a key element for our success. Aaron Rust Director of Asset Management NuGen Capital
Utility / Developers AES - 18.36 MW
Utility / Developers

AES - 18.36 MW

For the 18.36 MW Rincon Solar project near Savannah, Georgia, AlsoEnergy provided closed loop controls, enabling the plant operator to receive signals from the Southern Balancing Authority and remotely adjust voltage and reactive power settings. During plant commissioning, Also Energy assisted in performing the prescribed voltage step test.

  • Setpoint commands automatically sent every 2 seconds
  • Integrates with Schneider Electric inverters
  • 230 kVa interconnection to utility substation
AlsoEnergy’s Powertrack platform has allowed ConEdison Solutions to gain crucial insight into asset health and to optimize our nationwide fleet of solar plants. Steve Ondishin Manager, Renewable Assets & Project Development ConEdison Solutions
Utility / Operators Tauber-Solar Group - 15.2 MW
Utility / Operators

Tauber-Solar Group - 15.2 MW

At the first grid-connected solar project on the island of Mauritius, a 15.2 MW system, PVGuard, powered by skytron energy provides monitoring and automates control functions, setting maximum active and reactive power and maximum ramp rate, among other settings, while enabling manual adjustments of grid feed parameters, as required by the Central Electricity Board.

  • Feeds into a 66 kV grid
  • On-site access to plant data at one-second or one-minute intervals
  • Weather model forecasts estimate hourly production up to 5.5 days ahead
Utility / Developers juwi Renewable Energies - 86.2 MW
Utility / Developers

juwi Renewable Energies - 86.2 MW

At one of the largest solar power plants on the African continent, the 86.2 MW Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska project in South Africa, PVGuard, powered by skytron energy delivers high-precision measurement at the point of interconnection to maximize system performance and satisfy requirements of the grid operator, Eskom, for active and reactive power control.

  • Flexibility to adapt technology according to local needs
  • Visualize and analyze all relevant data in real time
  • High-precision measurement at the point of interconnection to maximize system performance
Utility / EPC's Survey Digital - 16.6 MW
Utility / EPC's

Survey Digital - 16.6 MW

For a 16.6 MW portfolio across eight microgrid sites in Mauritania, AlsoEnergy developed a custom interface for remote and on-site monitoring of solar performance data. The system gives the utility control of current, voltage, frequency, and other power settings, and it integrates with SMA’s Fuel Save Controller to minimize diesel consumption in the microgrid communities.

  • MODBUS TCP-IP network interface connects to the photovoltaic control system
  • Custom development enables third-party system integration
  • Solar output covers up to 30 percent of energy demand in Mauritania’s remote communities
Utility / Investors McCarthy Building Companies - 20 MW
Utility / Investors

McCarthy Building Companies - 20 MW

AlsoEnergy delivered an end-to-end control + monitoring solution for the 20 MW Latitude Solar Center, helping to design the system and assigning a dedicated project manager to McCarthy, the EPC provider. During site visits, our project engineers oversaw installation, testing, and commissioning. Our solar experts configured the system for curtailment control, power factor control, and reactive power set points. Additional features of the deployed system include support for managing voltage schedules as required by the power purchase agreement (PPA) and end-to-end monitoring for alerts and performance optimization.

  • 20MW power plant located in Hardeman County, TN
  • AlsoEnergy provided complete system hardware, including utility-scale weather stations along with a fully configured Schweitzer RTAC
  • Designed with a fiber loop design for network communications, providing improved redundancy and system failsafe
Utility / Investors Sonnedix - 57.6 MW
Utility / Investors

Sonnedix - 57.6 MW

The 57.6 MWp Oriana project, which generates more than 100 MWh of electricity a year, has a skytron plant control system for monitoring and control. PVGuard® software from skytron monitors all components locally, irrespective of the hybrid plant’s architecture, including the local power plant controller and a 10 MW battery storage system. skyserv Local, a data server hardware platform, provides enhanced local storage facilities and data backup for up to 20 years. Sonnedix, an investor and project developer, partnered with AlsoEnergy’s skytron energy on the project to meet Puerto Rico’s project requirements while collecting data in one-second granularity and integrating combiner boxes, battery chargers, and the power plant controller into one supervisory platform. The Greek company METKA-EGN built the project and provides ongoing plant operations.

  • Project has been operating since September 2016
  • Syncs to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s transmission grid
  • At time of commissioning, it was the Caribbean’s largest solar power plant
Asset Management / Investors NuGen Capital - 50 MW
Asset Management / Investors

NuGen Capital - 50 MW

In order to streamline and improve the performance of their operations, NuGen Capital Management needed easy access to monitoring reports to share data across their workgroups, manage contractual obligations, and identify & diagnose performance issues. The NuGen team wanted access to specific data calculations in order to better understand and respond to their portfolio activities and provide customers reports on asset production data. To solve this, the AlsoEnergy deployment team is developing a template to automatically generate scheduled reports for the management team and NuGen’s customers. These spreadsheet reports are being fully customized to meet the requirements of NuGen’s users.

  • Custom reports include formatted graphs, images, and company logo
  • Reports cover commissioning activities, fleet surveys, and performance issues, allowing centralized management for O&M activities across the entire fleet.
  • As each new system in the fleet comes online, the NuGen team can utilize these custom templates without paying additional pro service fees"
C&I / Operators Namasté Solar - 3.3 MW
C&I / Operators

Namasté Solar - 3.3 MW

Namasté Solar is the first company to standardize its entire O&M fleet on the complete, fully integrated PowerTrack platform. For each project in the O&M portfolio, AlsoEnergy assessed system specifications, including performance monitoring devices and software, and executed on our established system for data migration and data transfer. Using AlsoEnergy’s extensive knowledge of third-party solutions, we controlled migration costs at some sites by retaining hardware and redirecting data to AlsoEnergy servers, performing the entire migration remotely whenever possible. AlsoEnergy enabled Namasté to aggregate data from the third party DAS solutions into PowerTrack, enabling Namasté’s O&M organization to achieve greater efficiency and consistency in reporting. “Namasté Solar needed the most comprehensive solution to cover current and future needs for our diverse fleet. AlsoEnergy delivered,” said Joey Staron, Performance Analyst at Namasté.

  • Aggregation for data from 35 sites
  • Aggregated assets range in size from 10kW up to 1.7MW
  • AlsoEnergy services included complete analysis and validation for data from all migrated assets
Portfolio Aggregation / Operators SunSystem Technology - Meter Swaps
Portfolio Aggregation / Operators

SunSystem Technology - Meter Swaps

SunSystem Technology (SST) is the nation's largest independent residential service provider and one of the industry's leading commercial O&M providers. In the first half of 2020, SST partnered with AlsoEnergy to retrofit meters across a project portfolio in California. To avoid disruptions in customer billing, SST had to replace legacy meters using 3G network communications by the sunset deadline and partnered with AlsoEnergy to provide the Cat M1 meters with 4G LTE network connectivity. With AlsoEnergy, SST has a single platform solution for their diverse national fleet that aggregates data from a large variety of meter and inverter combinations while allowing users to sort assets by fund, owner, and region. This gives SST the ability to optimize maintenance schedules and service routes, and to standardize administrative tasks such as managing warranties and generating stakeholder reports.

  • 4G LTE meter swaps for a portfolio of 2,200 homes
  • Total fleet of SST assets monitored by AlsoEnergy is 40,000 sites
  • SST fleet monitoring utilizing LocusNOC software

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