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Unlocking the Energy Market

AlsoEnergy is dedicated to the vision that a sustainably powered world is driven by an inclusive energy economy. That is why we are simplifying the management of clean energy using monitoring and controls with advanced analytics to unlock the market. From our founding, we have led the market in edge-to-cloud portfolio optimization solutions that make clean energy more resilient, manageable, and scalable. Our vertically-integrated platform empowers energy stakeholders to rapidly scale and confidently optimize their clean energy portfolios on a single platform in the utility, C&I, and aggregated residential sectors. PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s flagship application, drives insightful decisions that improve energy performance and business efficiencies. Our dedicated team with deep industry expertise provides tailored solutions throughout the lifetime of clean energy assets.

Summiting New Horizons Together

Stem, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage software and services, acquired AlsoEnergy in 2022. The combined company delivers a compelling one-stop-shop solution that helps partners and customers manage and optimize their solar and energy storage assets. With a more integrated view of asset performance, customers are able to generate more revenue and greater savings from their renewable energy investments. For more information about Stem’s clean energy intelligence and optimization, visit

Our Promise

Commitment to Customer Success

Our dedicated team empowers customers around the world to exceed strategic business goals by providing tailored solutions for the lifetime of their clean energy assets.

Purpose Driven Industry Leadership

AlsoEnergy leads the market in clean energy portfolio management, driven by a passionate and innovative team with deep industry expertise.

Technologies to Access a Smarter Energy Market

We deliver reliable edge-to-cloud solutions so you can participate in the evolving energy market, maximize the value of your clean energy assets, and scale your portfolios.

Industry Leadership

As a trusted global leader, AlsoEnergy empowers businesses to
capitalize on the unprecedented opportunity offered by the expanding energy market

32+ GW of Monitored Power
200,000+ Sites
55 Countries
14 Years

Our Track Record

AlsoEnergy has a track record in building best-in-class data systems. This deep history in data and advanced analytics is combined with dedicated customer support to provide an edge-to-cloud platform that drives insightful decisions to improve portfolio performance. Over the years, AlsoEnergy has continually grown to provide its services to new clean energy sectors. After becoming the market-leader in the C&I sector, AlsoEnergy launched portfolio optimization solutions for the the utility and aggregated residential sectors. At the same time, the company expanded into new geographies, both through organic growth and acquisitions, while also enhancing its edge-to-cloud platform to meet the evolving needs of the energy market. Today, AlsoEnergy has a large global footprint with deployments on six continents.