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Be an Environmental, Social, and Governance Leader

From public opinion and employee motivation to the environmental benefits and improved RoI, there are many benefits for launching and growing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative. There are also many different types of ESG initiatives that you can choose to be a part of your program. For example, clean energy investments can offer multiple benefits, including being highly visible, reducing energy spend, mitigating energy price volatility, and access to considerable tax incentives. But when launching a clean energy program, it is crucial to select the right technology that will scale with you and help you track environmental and business impact.

The Right Technology for Your ESG Programs

Your ESG program is more than just goodwill, it is also a business initiative. You are also responsible for KPIs and other metrics. Through our edge-to-cloud platform, AlsoEnergy offers you the tools to monitor and optimize you clean energy investments.

With our platform, you receive data aggregation and accurate reporting that you need to provide to investors, board members, executives, consumers, and other agencies. In PowerTrack, our cloud-based application for clean energy portfolio monitoring and optimization, you benefit from:

  • A 360° view of your clean energy portfolio
  • Energy and financial reporting
  • Public view options to display clean energy production and positive environmental impacts
  • API support to connect platform data to your internal programs
  • Agency reporting tools for energy credits

And when you standardize on our vertically-integrated platform, you can efficiently add new assets to your growing portfolio, ensuring scalability for your ESG program.

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Next Steps for Your ESG Program

With a decade and a half of experience, AlsoEnergy is here to help launch and grow your enterprise’s clean energy program. After an initial discussion about your clean energy goals, we can continue to help guide you through the process. Some of the next steps that you will need to take are:

  • Identify an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company to help you plan, design, model, and build
  • Determine the technology specifications for the hardware that you will deploy
  • Select an O&M provider to manage the day-to-day operations and ensure maximum energy and financial performance
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Benefits for All Your Suppliers

When you select AlsoEnergy’s edge-to-cloud platform for monitoring and optimization, you are getting a solution that will not only help you, but all the suppliers supporting your clean energy assets during their lifetime. So, you won't have to purchase multiple tools and software.

With AlsoEnergy being a single point of contact from planning to project handoff, EPCs can efficiently bring your new assets online – all supported by PowerTrack. All this helps you achieve your clean energy goals faster. This is why many EPCs recommend AlsoEnergy by name.

Your O&M provider also receives all the features and insights it needs to efficiently manage your clean energy asset or entire fleet, helping you maximize energy production and financial returns with minimized costs.

Your ESG Partner

When selecting the technology to support your ESG program, you need to evaluate more than just the hardware and software application. You need the right people to partner with you during your ESG journey.

AlsoEnergy experienced sales, technical services, and customer support team will provide you and your suppliers with tailored solutions and dedicated service.

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