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Edge-to-Cloud Platform

Standardize and scale your entire clean energy portfolio on AlsoEnergy's industry-standard platform

AlsoEnergy’s End-to-End and Edge-to-Cloud Platform

AlsoEnergy delivers a reliable edge-to-cloud platform, based on industry-standard technology, so your organization can participate in the evolving energy market. Our vertically-integrated platform means that you do not have to worry about compatibility, and instead can focus on maximizing the value of your clean energy assets and quickly scaling your portfolio. The platform includes:

  • Cloud Access: PowerTrack application optimizes energy and financial yields with insights for every user in the energy value chain
  • Monitoring: Logging and aggregating information from various onsite hardware and the communication gateway to enable remote control of assets to optimize energy performance
    • Project Controls: Real-time monitoring and extensive control functionality that provide remote operation centers with quick information to support fast and efficient decision making
  • Data Creation Technology: Direct access to actual site performance through integrated hardware, such as weather stations, meters, and inverters, to measure and benchmark expected energy production

Clean Energy’s First Choice

Here are just a few of the reasons clean energy leaders choose AlsoEnergy’s platform for monitoring and optimizing their portfolios:

  • Fully-integrated platform for easy installation and expedited commissioning
  • Customizable solutions for both new and existing sites
  • High on-time delivery rate with professional services and project management
  • Ability to quickly and seamlessly bring new assets online

Supported by our professional services team providing on-going collaboration, AlsoEnergy’s edge-to-cloud platform is a cost-effective solution with premium features for a high-value offering. From edge solutions to cloud monitoring and management, our platform improves portfolio scalability, business productivity, and transparency across your organization.

Vertically-Integrated Value

Combined with our professional services, our platform offers value at every level of your portfolio:

In the Cloud and On the Edge

PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s flagship application for monitoring and optimizing clean energy assets, empowers energy stakeholders to optimize the financial and energy yields of portfolios with a 360º-view of all assets. Providing key features throughout the value chain, PowerTrack enables all stakeholders to level-set on the same data with high-quality analytics for intelligent decision making.

Further streamlining workflows and cross-functional collaboration, third-party CMMS and BI applications can be easily integrated into PowerTrack. And as a hardware-agnostic solution, PowerTrack is the answer to standardizing your entire portfolio on one SaaS application.

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Built on industry recognized technology, you can count on AlsoEnergy for:

  • Proven hardware with GWhs of field experience
  • Quick time to data with a hardware-integrated platform for a faster commercial operation date (COD)
  • Extensive control functionality to optimize energy and financial performance
  • Flexibility with extensible edge solutions that can integrate into a 3rd-party cloud
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One Platform. All Sectors.

Commercial & Industrial

Ask us about our proven track record with C&I players, the majority of whom are standardized on AlsoEnergy.


Our industry-leading, utility-grade technology allows you to seamlessly scale your portfolio using advanced analytics with automation and controls.

Aggregated Residential

Increase profitability of your distributed and diverse energy fleet with efficient O&M and improved uptime.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you are looking for only a monitoring and management application or a vertically-integrated platform that includes weather sensors, monitoring, and controls, AlsoEnergy customizes solutions for each asset.

When you’re bringing new sites online or adding pre-existing sites to your portfolio, AlsoEnergy’s industry-standard platform provides you with a vertically-integrated solution for easy installation and expedited commissioning. Our professional services and project management offers customization for each asset, while supporting a high on-time delivery rate so you can quickly scale your portfolio and meet your growth targets on time.

PowerTrack Overlay with 3rd-Party Hardware
With AlsoEnergy’s hardware-agnostic application, you can standardize your entire portfolio, regardless of hardware, on PowerTrack. With non-native-data ingest flexibility, our cloud-based application seamlessly lets you bring new assets online so you can start scaling your portfolio in no time.

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