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The industry's most advanced and complete distributed energy monitoring, management and control platform
Flexible Technology Backbone

End-to-end optimization across all sites,
locations and workgroups

Establish a flexible, extensible enterprise-wide architecture to integrate your fleet, synchronize your teams, quiet the noise and manage high-impact activities with a complete technology backbone for all distributed energy assets

Smart Power Plant Control

Proprietary model based design and HIL testing approach that delivers an adaptive control architecture to effectively and efficiently manage difficult interconnects and enhance energy harvest.

Utility Grade Security

With over 200TB of combined data securely managed, PowerTrack is hosted in a SOC 3 compliant data center with regional deployment to support demands of the most stringent privacy standards including GDPR. AlsoEnergy SCADA solutions are designed to exceed the requirements of NERC CIP security standards with stand-alone solutions for critical infrastructure.

Sophisticated Plant Models

By combining physical plant models that leverage a variety of formats such as PVSyst and PVUSA with advanced empirical historical performance models, the AlsoEnergy methodology enables accurate comparison of actual expected energy harvest as well as identification and understanding of underlying performance impacts.

Smart Analytics

Intelligent insights are driven by proprietary analytics, big data, predictive intelligence and machine learning to enable the rapid identification of pending equipment failure and to optimize planned maintenance activities.

Centralized Management Platform

Flexible, highly configurable technology platform that streamlines device configuration and updates, provides secure portfolio wide VPN access to all sites to manage critical cost saving activities through native two-way communications and remote management of field assets.

Smart Sensing and Verification

Proprietary asset sensing and intelligence enabling pyranometer accuracy verification with Virtual Irradiance, sensor drift characterization over time, predictive maintenance cycle modeling and expected energy harvest modelling for sites that don’t have physical sensors.

Duck Curve Visibility

Proprietary Utility/ISO grid monitoring solution that provides visibility and decision support over renewable assets leveraging shared anonymized behind the meter information across 3rd party sources.

Extensible Multi-Enterprise Architecture

Proprietary technology platform that can capture data from any source, share data across multiple platforms and technologies and enable true enterprise system integration.


With over a dozen patents granted and many pending, AlsoEnergy continues to innovate in ways that help our customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profitability. Our IP portfolio has strengthened significantly with recent acquisitions bringing unique technology offerings ranging from Virtual Irradiance to proprietary analytics to Smart Power Plant control.

Data-driven insight

Data-driven insight

Complete solutions for all market segments

AlsoEnergy solutions for the Residential, C&I and Utility markets capture the intellectual property that enables all stakeholders to efficiently and intelligently maintain profitability and optimize operations for the grid of the future.

Improve both bottom and top line revenue

Our CMMS, Technical Asset Management and Portfolio Aggregation Solutions extend the value of the AlsoEnergy platform through a seamless transfer of best-in-class workflows, engineering a streamlined process to address high-impact events.

Gain specialized experience and expertise

Our Power Plant Control solution approach leverages classical control theory starting with a model, laboratory-based verification and ending with field verification. Compared to other techniques, our solution optimizes energy harvest and minimizes project risks in high PV penetration environments.

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