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Every Step from Edge to Cloud and Bid to Handoff

AlsoEnergy’s edge-to-cloud clean energy optimization platform provides the convenience and security of a single-source provider for hardware, software, services, and support throughout the project lifecycle.

Whether for utility, C&I, or aggregated residential, AlsoEnergy’s customizable platform enables you to deliver every project on schedule and on budget.

Convenient. Efficient. On schedule.

AlsoEnergy’s platform reduces risk by providing a single point of contact during construction, commissioning, and throughout the lifetime of the asset. No more chasing down individual hardware and software providers. Our vertically-integrated approach means you have access to AlsoEnergy as your trusted partner from your initial bid all the way through to the project handoff.

Reliability, quality, and performance are a few of the reasons that EPCs recommend AlsoEnergy and asset owners ask for AlsoEnergy by name.

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Professional Services
for Your Success

AlsoEnergy’s professional services team supports you at every stage of your project. We partner with you on system design, project management, commissioning, and AHJ coordination.

You can count on AlsoEnergy to provide a variety of support services to accelerate new project development:

  • Project design and management
  • Engineering support
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Remote and onsite commissioning
  • Priority support for onsite technicians
  • Easy access to our library of trainings, videos, and technical documentation

Ask us about dedicated project management and tailored engineering services for site configuration.

An Application that Meets All Needs

Part of the edge-to-cloud platform, AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack is a cost-effective application with premium features for the operations and maintenance of clean energy assets. The solution meets the requirements of asset managers and fulfills the needs O&M providers, while supporting you in commissioning and management until project handoff. Supporting you to ensure system performance by providing immediate visibility into system and hardware data and also remote troubleshooting capabilities, PowerTrack offers you the following tools:

Easily run the Capacity Test and Report to get ASTM 2848-13 efficiency rating for a successful sign off on the build of a new project.
The extremely powerful tool for setting up PowerTrack, the Hardware Configuration and Analysis Test checks all site hardware, identifying and instantly fixing multiple issues, while also finding invalid alerts, conflicts, driver issues, and much more.
Ensure that all hardware is working properly and identify issues with the Hardware List Feature

Supporting more extensive and robust power controls, PowerTrack SCADA enables real-time monitoring, control, and analysis of all clean energy equipment and sensor data, both on-site and remotely via a VPN. Built on the industry-leading Ignition platform, PowerTrack SCADA offers a real-time HMI with tiered polling rates and built-in OPC-UA to connect to practically any PLC and seamlessly connect to any SQL database. PowerTrack SCADA fully integrates with PowerTrack, ensuring uninterrupted service and functionality at handoff. For even more convenience, PowerManager advanced SCADA server provides integrated data collection and closed loop controls all in one box.

At-a-glance view of site operations with single line diagrams in PowerTrack SCADA
Efficiently program and manage plant controllers all in PowerTrack SCADA
Data visualization to easily extract key insights with fully customizable charts in PowerTrack SCADA
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Reliability on the Edge

AlsoEnergy’s reliable edge-to-cloud platform includes industry-recognized technology and field-proven hardware to make sure your projects stay on track from day one. Whether you need onsite edge monitoring capabilities or additional controls required for SCADA, we can supply the right data acquisition, monitoring, and control hardware for every asset. From providing real-time monitoring to developing customized controls, AlsoEnergy has the experience and expertise you can depend on to see projects through on time and within budget.

Optimization and Monitoring Solutions for O&M Needs

AlsoEnergy makes it as easy as possible for you to plan, install, and connect monitoring system hardware. That’s why we provide your core hardware devices conveniently mounted and pre-wired in a weatherproof enclosure.

  • Pre-configured for plug-and-play with PowerTrack
  • NEMA 4 rated enclosures for exterior mounting
  • Indoor mounting hardware included
  • Built to your specifications

Every comprehensive monitoring solution from AlsoEnergy is tested, configured, assembled, and wired in our ETL-listed facility near Boulder, Colorado. Our data creation hardware suite includes:

  • Weather stations and sensors
  • AlsoEnergy data loggers
  • Revenue grade meters
  • Modem
  • Power supply
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Meet Complex SCADA Requirements

With increasingly complex grid requirements and sophisticated new value streams, power control technologies are more important than ever in the development of new clean energy assets. AlsoEnergy’s suite of cost-effective customizable export and power control solutions enables you to easily meet the diverse needs of your customers and grid interconnection requirements:

  • Zero net and maximum export control for self-consumption
  • Optional fixed power factor, time-of-use, and battery controls
  • Individual inverter on/off/reset control
  • Utility and ISO telemetry over DNP3 or Modbus

In combination with our edge solutions, AlsoEnergy’s on-site Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) commissioning support includes project management and customized services to fit each project. For fast turnaround times and execution, you can count on AlsoEnergy for all of your SCADA needs.

Our most popular control solutions include:

  • PowerManager 2000 and PowerManager Commercial for basic control capabilities
  • Industry-standard SEL RTAC powered by PT SCADA for utility-grade controls

Find out more about AlsoEnergy’s edge solutions, as well as our specific offerings for utility and C&I sectors.

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