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PowerTrack Application

Keep All your Clean Power on Track

AlsoEnergy is unlocking the energy market by simplifying the management of clean energy. PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s flagship application, is the all-in-one application to meet the needs of commissioning, monitoring, optimizing, and controlling your clean energy portfolio or fleet. Backed by depth of data for high-quality analytics, PowerTrack enables intelligent decision making, leading to improved energy and financial performance.

All Your Power in One Place

As a flexible and extensible application, PowerTrack enables you to standardize your entire clean energy portfolio on one application. Whether you manage utility, C&I, or aggregated residential assets, you can optimize and monitor all of them on PowerTrack. Additionally, as a hardware agnostic application, PowerTrack supports non-native data ingest from 3rd-party vendors. This flexibility means that you can get newly commissioned and pre-existing assets up and running quickly in PowerTrack and start benefiting from all of its offerings, including:

  • Remote troubleshooting to identify problems in the field
  • Rapid identification of critical hardware faults with a high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Full view of long-term trends to make informed decisions about your fleet
  • Streamlined workflows through seamless integration of third-party CMMS and BI applications
  • Easy access to site documents and contracts in one folder with controlled permissions
  • Customized dashboards with full control over site setup and performance parameters
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A Bird’s Eye View of Your Portfolio

PowerTrack’s easy-to-use interface will get you up and running in no time. You can set up PowerTrack to work for your needs with easily customizable dashboards that give you an at-a-glance view of your entire portfolio, including macro to micro perspective on portfolio, sites, and individual hardware. While customized and templated reports help you stay up to date with reporting on asset performance and health.

The Site Overview dashboard shows current production plus past performance comparisons so you can easily identify any major issues. It also allows you to see actual versus weather-adjusted energy production so you can tell if your site is performing at its peak.

The Portfolio View allows you to zoom out for a higher-level look at your entire portfolio. Identify and prioritize sites that are experiencing the most severe energy losses and address the causes.

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Control and Optimization Functionality

For utility sites that require more robust power controls, AlsoEnergy offers PowerTrack SCADA that enables real-time monitoring, control, and analysis of all clean energy equipment and sensor data, both on-site and remotely via a VPN. PowerTrack SCADA fully integrates with PowerTrack.

Plant controllers can be efficiently managed and programmed

Key insights can be easily extracted with charting and data visualization

One Application. All Users.

Designed for all users in the clean energy value chain, PowerTrack offers features that provide benefits to all users. By standardizing all users on one application and on the same data, cross-functional collaboration and workflows are optimized. Find out more about the benefit that PowerTrack provides you by clicking on your icon.

Reduce risk and increase predictability with the turnkey solution that gives you fast time-to-data.
Field Service
Fast time-to-repair and first-time fixes with onsite validation.
Control Center
Improve system uptime with high signal-to-noise ratio alerts and remote troubleshooting. Quick access to support when you need it.
Performance Engineering
Analytics and insights with customized and templated reporting and charting.
Asset Owner
Increase financial and energy performance with customized reporting and integrated supplier workflows.

Cross-Functional Collaboration with All Stakeholders Using the Same Data

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