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Monitoring and control solutions for clean energy assets

All in One on the Edge

AlsoEnergy offers a vertically-integrated clean energy platform that includes PowerTrack, our cloud-based application for portfolio optimization, and a variety of edge solutions, such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), monitoring and optimization hardware, and weather sensors and meters.

Simplicity and Dependability On the Edge

Field tested and proven with GWhs of operation, AlsoEnergy’s edge solutions are built on industry-recognized technology to provide a reliable platform so new projects can efficiently be brought online and all energy stakeholders can achieve maximum value from assets. With our edge solutions specifically designed to be easily integrated into the AlsoEnergy platform, they enable quick time to data so that new assets can achieve a faster commercial operation date (COD).

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Tailored Solutions for Every Asset Type

No matter what asset type you are installing or how stringent the requirement, AlsoEnergy offers customizable, plug-and-play optimization and monitoring solutions and complete SCADA solutions for seamless procurement and simple installation. Additionally, our professional services team partners with you on system design, project management, commissioning, and PowerTrack onboarding. See how our professional services can help you in your next project.

Dependable solution built on industry-leading, utility-grade technology and Ignition-based HMI
Industry-standard, proven C&I solution offering optimization and monitoring solutions and basic control capabilities
Highly-flexible aggregated residential solution for a diverse and distributed fleet

Meet Any Monitoring or SCADA Requirement

With AlsoEnergy’s roots in monitoring and control, we offer a suite of optimization and advanced SCADA solutions that will meet the need of any clean energy asset.

Monitoring and Optimization Solution

Our edge solution for remote monitoring and troubleshooting that enables O&M optimization and increased system uptime collects and logs information from various onsite hardware and securely transmits it to the cloud. Preconfigured to your specifications, our hardware enables fast, plug-and-play installation and is ready for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Equipped with extensive control functionalities to optimize energy and financial performance, our cost-effective Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions easily meet the complex needs of any asset and grid interconnection requirements. As an end-to-end, tailor-designed offering, our SCADA solutions support quick and easy configuration and installation.

Fully integratable with PowerTrack, our SCADA solutions provide remote operations centers with real-time monitoring and controls to support fast and efficient decision making to achieve increased energy yields and support grid stability. Further improving energy yields, AlsoEnergy developed an industry-leading, extensive control library for our SCADA solution that enables optimized and dynamic energy harvest. Customized development of controls for individual assets is available from our professional services team.

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Power Plant Controller Suite

Our monitoring and control suite is comprised of a variety of data loggers and power plant controllers to meet the requirements of different asset types, customers, and grid regulations. Providing power supervision and control of clean energy assets at the meter or interconnection point, our most popular Power Plant Controllers:

Data Logging and Aggregation
  • Plug-and-play optimization and monitoring solution with power supply, cellular modem, meter, network switch, and RGM integrated into a single enclosure
  • Interactive LCD touchscreen display
  • Local data storage
Single-Mode Controls
  • Seamless compatibility with most OEM production and demand RGMs and MET station
  • Zero-net export, maximum export, optional fixed power factor controls and grid stability management
  • Utility and ISO telemetry over DNP3 or Modbus
Multi-Mode Controls
  • Ignition-based HMI
  • Remote and onsite monitoring, controls, and analysis of all power plant equipment
  • Integrated cybersecurity
  • Embedded IEC 61131 logic engine for custom programming
  • PPC-mode change and custom input fields
  • Built-in OPC-UA to connect any PLC
  • Short and long-term data storage with automatic data recovery

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Insights from the Edge with Reliable Sensors and Meters

Through PowerTrack, AlsoEnergy’s edge solutions provide direct access to actual site conditions through integrated hardware, such as weather stations, meters, and inverters, to measure and benchmark expected energy production. We offer C&I and utility-grade MET stations, weather sensors, and RGMs, which can also be enhanced with high-fidelity, real-time, and forecasted satellite weather data to provide expected energy calculations for regulatory requirements. Aggregated residential fleets are supported solely with satellite weather data.

AlsoEnergy offers the following sensors:

  • Integrated MET station
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Wind and barometric pressure sensors
  • Pyranometers
  • Module temperature sensors
  • Soiling sensors
Professional Engineering Support

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